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Print Servers - TCP/IP
IBM AS/400 to LAN connectivity
IBM Mainframe (3270) to TCP/IP or SNA (APPC)  and AnyNet (SNA encapsulated in TCP/IP).
Supported Manufacturers:

            ATOP, AXIS,  I-O Corporation and others.. 

We configure and customize interfaces as necessary for the required system and printer connection.  We have integrated interfaces for many of the top retailers and shipping companies worldwide.  Contact us for information on how best to solve your connectivity requirements.





Introducing the new 344M Printer.  For the price this product is "hard to beat".

Features: 300 DPI, Metal Case, 4.1" Print Width, 4 Inches Per Second Print Speed,  Thermal Transfer or Direct Thermal, Host Connection - Parallel or Ethernet Options.  All for under $1,000.00

Qty discounts apply.